Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stripping Bradley Manning of a shread of his dignity!

US president Obama never tires, sternly lecturing once US allied dictators to take the good road to repentance, but blithely ignores habits roundly condemned as 'violations of human rights' in his own backyard.
Bradly Manning, sequested under Guantamo like conditions at a Quantico, Va. military gaol, and without being indicted yea these many months with any wrong doing. He's under 23 hour lockdown for allegedly passing on minimally classified US diplomatic cables to Wikileaks, which is in eye drop measures, putting them on the internet for all and sundry to see.
The insult and humiliation of the poorly monitored and insouciantly controlled secrecy of its info by the military and civilian authorities has around the sleeping cobra of wildly striking at any target to get even for exposing the very visible warts of the US.
After burdening Manning with more charges, including 'aiding and abetting the enemy' undefined, he had to stand buck naked outside his cell for seven hours until inspection. The ploy is obvious: the military was trying to 'break' Manning by attempting to strip away any private power of self worth he may harbour.
The government is desperate, as GuamDiary already noted, because it has thus far failed to link directly Manning to Julian Aussage the much vilified founder of Wikileaks who is fighting extradition to Sweden, and as Aussage fears, once in Stockholm to 'only answers questions', Swedish authorities would extradite him to the US where he would suffer the same indignities of imprisonment as Manning.
Manning's lawyer[s] and supporters have spoken of the effect of long months under extreme prison conditions and psychologically produced torture to wear him down.
That may very well be so, but somehow the ever burning bright lights, the consciously broadcast noise, and the like, has not reached Manning's mental security blanket, much to the complete frustation of the Obama administration.
And for the moment, Manning can claim a moral victory over the people that gave you Abu Ghraib!

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