Sunday, March 27, 2011

Israel's crusader mentality

Christian crusaders held the high ground in the reconquest of the Holy Land. Upon it, they built 'chateaux forts', some of which survive, long after they were chased out. Israel holds land from the Mediterranean to the Jordan, of which the West Bank is part of the booty of the 1967 war, and the territory of the Palestinians.
The Revisionist Right has torpedoed the Olso Peace Accords, which offered hope for a two state solution. Its current prime minister Beinjamin Netenyahu has done the groundwork for the failure to reach a peace accord with the Palestinians. To him, and even mainstream Zionist who walk in the path traced by David Ben Gurion, peace with the Palestinian Authority means a slave to master relationship, whereby the Palestinians give up all along the line and the Israelis nothing but window dressing.
In this the US has had its hand, and openly stated by George W. Bush. 'Al Jazeera's' publication of the 'Palestine Papers' makes for fascinating reading and knocks the pins out from the 'road map to peace'.
The fly in Israel's ointment is Hamas, duly elected to the levers of government in the Gaza Strip. Hamas refuses to recognise and resisted Israel as a state, and Israel has, in turn, not stopped short of waging war, open and covert, against the population of Gaza. The pre emptive three week blitzkrieg 'Cast Lead' belied the words of a Zionist state looking for a solution to the more than 60 years of belligerency in Israel and Palestine.
If anyone had any doubts about Netenyahu & co.'s plans for a 'greater Israel', incorporating the Palestinian West Bank, which they call 'Judea and Sumaria', look at the continued bombing of Gaza, even when Hamas is willing to end shooting rockets which do not kill Israelis but simply visit psychological stress on the settlements close to Gaza. Settler enclaves have concrete pillboxes and nearby Israeli soldiers: in other words they are fortified emplacements, which recall the Crusaders.
There is no quarter Israel is willing to give to Hamas. It's all out warfare, even when this has proved futile and not successful in execution. For sure, there has been death of civilians, destruction of home and infrastructure, and the imposition of a blockade with a regulated spigot of allowing food to a population of the Zionist state of keeping Gazans not only on the edge of starvation but with the open goal of bringing them to their knees so that Hamas has but one alternative: giving into Israel's draconian demaands.
Recent events in the Arab world has had an effect on Israel: it is circling the wagons a la 'crusaders', bunkering down, and at the same time expanding illegal grab of Palestinians' lands for Jewish settlement and expanding the armed struggle.
The Zionist elite are not interested in peace but on their own terms They will die striving for that goal and in its pursuit, they are tearing Zionist ideology at its bowels and preparing for a unitary state where Israelis may rule uneasily since the Arab population will outnumber them.
Time is not on Netenyahu & co.'s side. The longer they persist in utopian dreams of Jabotinsky, they are doomed to failure and the end of Zionism as they know it.

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