Monday, March 21, 2011

Israel's double pronged attack

The main street media wakes up when rockets from Gaza fall in southern Israel. Qassam rockets are a response to Israeli bombings of Gaza, which seems to have escaped the press' notice, save the journalists critical of Israeli military designs in smashing the enemy, read Hamas in Gaza.
The UN sponsored 'Goldstone Report' should have debunked the notion that the Israeli 'David' was fighting the Gazan 'Goliath'. The analogy is patently false but go tell that to the Marines! as the quaint American expression says.
Nonetheless as events in the Arab world play out, Israel is becoming more isolated and is working itself up into a fury over its inability to checkmate Hamas, and what's more the shift in tactics among the Palestinians who are more and more embracing a Gandhi non violent resistance to the 44 year long Zionist occupation and usurpation of their land on the west bank is beginning to have a bit. The success of the boycott divestment sanction movement [BDS] is gaining ground, much to the Zionists displeasure.
So it should come as no surprise that the Netenyahu government has sent afoot a stealth campaign to target any and everyone who is trying to 'give the Zionists' a black eye. Not content with compiling lists, let's put it this way, the Israelis will pull out every trick they can think of: black disinformation campaigns, darkening the reputations of anyone who signs a petition or contributes to condemning Israeli aggression against the Palestinians; anyone who denounces the illegal seizure of land in East Jerusalem or the west bank. And it is not by a far stretch of the imagination by hitting out at even those who with a credit card may purchase Haaretz's Gideon Levy's 'Punishment of Gaza'. In a world the campaign is aimed at Israelis, Palestinians, and everyone else in the world.
Desperation and great fear have seized the Zionist leaders who are hiding in the bunkers of their own making and the corrosive nature of Zionist ideology. Try as they might, and believe us, they will try their devilish best, they will fail. For the justice is not on their side.

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