Thursday, March 3, 2011

Desperate US charges Bradley Manning with 'aiding the enemy'

Poor Bradley Manning has 22 more charges shackled to the weight of US charges against him. Now he faces a death sentence since he is being burden with 'aiding and abetting the enemy [undefined, thank you very muchg!]'
Manning is being held in a military prison in Quaantico, Virginia, without being formally charged, and under Guantanamo like conditions: a 23 hour lockdown and an hour of being out of his cell. So much for justice...doesn't any remember the title of a Robert Sheer book...'Military justice is to justice as military music is to music'...come publisher should reprint it!
It is a clear signal that the case against him as a way to get at Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange is proving elusive, frustrating, and humiliating to the world's only and becoming horribly obsolete 'superpower'.
Manning is under military wraps; Assange is fighting extradition to Sweden without a formal indictment...his presence is only needed, Swedish authorities say, to answer questions...Really!
The last barrel of dead fish of charges against Manning is a blaring red light warning to the 'enemy' the 'free US media', the ordinary US citizen who accesses online banned leaked US cables...
As the US shifts more and more to the 'righteous right wing', the more authorian it becomes. Could it be otherwise? Hardly. With a ballooning budget and deficit giving the lion's share not to the betterment of the commonweal but to a bloated military and military contractors and lobbyists fighting two unwinnable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, what else could you expect?
And with a failed foreign policy which had banked on support of dictators who are falling like flies in the strategic Middle East, the charges against Manning alerts the world that the US is circling the wagons...egads the muscular strong man of the west is like, as the Vietnamese like to say during the American war in Vietnam, an elephant trying to crush an ant.
And as Pogo said, 'we've met the enemy and it is US'!

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