Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kim Jong eun invited to China

For all the tea leaves readers, China's inviting Kim Jong eun to visit China [at a date to be determined] show put to rest will he or won't he step into his father's shoes when the time comes.
It should've been obvious to the Pyongyang watchers around the world that an elaborate shadow dance has run its course.
Kim Jong il had informed Hu Jintao that his youngest son will inherit the Kims' mantle. And China, a shucks, who me? attitude, feigned ignorance of what's happening in the country next door.
The North Korean clerisy -- US or otherwise -- with the eye of a needle went looking here, there, and elsewhere to mock Kim Jong eun, as well as, in an exercise of wish fulfillment, envisaged the sinking of the great ship North Korea.
The long in the tooth North Korea watchers in Washington, with a sneer from ear to ear, contemptuously referred to Kim's youngest son, as 'the kid'. You've to wonder what they really know about him. Very little, you can jolly well bet.
The clerisy's arrogance borders on the legendary. Their silliness knows no bounds, but armed with diplomas, rumours, and listening with an ear to North Korean railroad tracks, they take signs of their own pie in the sky analysis for reality. We are no longer in the real world but in the alchemy laboratories of the new flying island of Laputa. Dean Swift, were he alive today, would have a good tummy laugh!
Instead of praying for the collapse of North Korea, it would do these good, pious ideologist well to convince, say, the US government to negotiate with Kim Jong il & co. If they persist in building higher the walls of their own isolation, sooner or later, they're going to have to engage his son Kim Jong eun. And you can stand on a stack of bibles and swear, they will be falling all over themselves to deal with him, like it or not.

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