Saturday, October 8, 2011

What is Mayor Michael Bloomberg smoking?

In an outburst against the 'Occupy Wall Street', New York's mayor Michael Bloomberg lashed out at the swelling ranks of protesters by accusing them of 'trying to destroy jobs of working people in the city'. Really!
By pointing the finger at Wall Street bankers and corporate America and the rich and superrich who are not paying their dues, the heat of protest is making Bloomberg the billionaire sweat. It is true, Wall Street is a milk cow for the City of New York, but the protesters in Liberty Park are not the ones 'destroying jobs'.
The mayor should look into the mirror: his administration is throwing people out of work. And so are the big bracket banks: Bank of America is eliminating 20.000, Goldman Sachs, 3000, and CitiBank 10.000. These slashes in personnel have nothing to do with the mainly 'unemployed' protesters and union supporters who have put the spotlight on the people who brought us the 2008 world economic recession.
These layoffs are finance and corporate casino capitalism's way of maximising profits and skimming off the top fat bonuses and priviledges of the rich and powerful who are gouging the standard of living of the 'middle classes', the working class, and the poor.
No mayor Bloomberg, you striking out at the wrong target, which is understandable. You daren't denounce yourself nor your plutocratic class and fellow coupon clippers.
You're smoking the marijuana of your fears as the protest is shaking the pillars of your wealth!

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