Friday, October 14, 2011

Stand-off at Zuccotti [Liberty] Park

You've got to give it to New York City's Michael Bloomberg. He acts in the best interests of his class: the plutocrats.
Yet since his fall from public grace during the massive snow storm whilst he gamboled in the heat of the Caribbean sun and New Yorkers suffered from a less than responsive City Hall, his political fortune has been sinking.
Like the brain dead elite of America's ruling class, he is at a loss as to how to deal with the 'Occupy Wall Street' protests. He has flipped and he has flopped on the matter. 'You cannot say', then 'you can occupy Zuccotti Park--a private park owned by Brookfield Office Properties, which received the taxpayers relief by offering a space to the public.
Bloomberg like the class he fronts for, doesn't get it: in less than four weeks OWS has changed the political discourse and climate by mobilising popular anger and discontent brought to them by the Wall Street bankers and corporate America, and sustained by the members of Congress--especially Republicans--who dance to their tune.
So, when the mayor turned up at Liberty Park on Wednesday night [12 October 2011] on behalf of the park's owners, protesters would have to temporarily evacuate the premises for a thorough cleaning after which they could return but under new conditions.
OWS occupiers and day demonstrators saw the mayor's gambit as a way to kill the growing protest that has had echos worldwide.
Was Bloomberg prepared for the OWS response: 'we will clean up the park with you. Send us dumpster, so on'. The protesters appeal fell on deaf ears? For on early Friday morning with a cordon of New York City's police, the park would be cleared like it or not.
You have to wonder how dumb Bloomberg and the plutocrats he serves, can be. Had they not had a good tasting of the OWS nimbleness and ability to adapt? GuamDiary does not think.
As the sun began to rise on Zuccotti Park, the crowd in the park swelled to thousands to protest the mayor's plans, and the police with batons ready, word came from City Hall the mayor's order was put off 'sine dia'.
Bloomberg and his cronies in finance did not count on the call of the unions and even elected city officials who put out a call to join the protesters in defending the right to assemble and exercise free speech.
More importantly, the police are aching to teach OWS a lesson that would cause more damage to Bloomberg, his reputation, and the ruling class.
For now, OWS has won. Saying this, the protesters will have to be fully vigilant to checkmate any move by City Hall to kill OWS!

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