Thursday, October 20, 2011

Prisoner swap

Gilad Shalit is free and has returned to his family which long sought his release. After five years of captivity, he returned to a hero's welcome. The world press celebrated his liberation.
And what about the freed Palestinians? The Arab press hailed their release; otherwise, the stigma of 'terrorist' stick to them. Weren't they worthy of a 'hero's welcome', as much as Shalit? Are they not 'soldiers' in a dirty war that Israel has been waging against Palestinians who want a homeland of their own, free of the Zionist state's black boot of occupation and illegal land grabbing and implantation of Jewish colonizers on their land in the West Bank and Arab East Jerusalem?
Israel has done much to airbrush the fact that terrorism in the Middle East began with the Irgun and Shtern gang in the war against the British mandate authorities 70 odd years ago. Itzhak Shamir, a wanted terrorist, even became an Israeli prime minister.
So GuamDiary wonders why then should Israel be hailed as a beacon for the west but not the Palestinians who like the Jewish terrorists in the Irgun and Shtern gang are fighting for a homeland of their own?

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