Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Palestine has the initiative in UNESCO

UNESCO is the first UN entity that is willing to confer full membership on the state of Palestine. The Palestinian Authority has seized the initiative in putting forth a resolution before this global cultural and scientific body of declaring the holy sites on the West Bank 'world heritage' sites which belong to the state of Palestine under 44 years of Israeli occupation.
By doing this, the PA has taken the initiative and has called into question Israel's illegal land grab on the West Bank and Arab East Jerusalem, which are legally recognised parts, along with Gaza, of a state called 'Palestine'.
Israel and the US have threatened withholding contributions, boycotts, and are throwing thunderbolts of much worse to come. UNESCO remains impervious to such blackmail, and once more, Israel and the US are out in the cold.
Equally more damaging to the US is the use of the veto at the UN Security Council when it deliberates on the PA's call for full UN membership comes up.
An American veto will torpedo any serious US policy to bolster its shrinking influence in the Arab and Muslim world. Of course, as GuamDiary keeps reminding its readers, Israel is a domestic US electoral issue. And saying that says much about Israel holds the US as a hostage and can paralyse any change in policy that doesn't benefit the Zionist state.
The change in the political landscape in the Middle East has allowed the PA to take the initiative and skillfully play on the inherent contradictions in the coordinated US Israeli gamesmanship.

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