Thursday, October 6, 2011

Anwar Sadat dead yea these 30 years

The Egyptian 'rais' Anwar Sadat met his end in assassination 30 years ago.
Signing a peace treaty with Israel by which he regained the Sinai may have contributed to his death. More still, he began dismantling the 'revolution' that Abdel Gamal Nasser began; imperfect as it was, the little people benefitted by Nasser's inefficient 'Arab socialism'; and in the economic sphere, Sadat embraced market economics and tilted heavily away from neutralism to the arms of the US. Still more, where Nasser opted for a secular Egypt, Sadat began favouring conservative Islam.
Sadat died at the hands of elite soldier who found Sadwat wanting.
Many there are some memorial services for him in the new Egypt today? The peace treaty he signed with the Zionist state holds until today, but the Arab Spring of Egypt has found voices calling up the military council and certainly the new popularly and freely elected government in 2012 to revise that treaty.
Israel is already fretting over losing a strategic ally, but the Zionist state has only itself to blame. And the US' strong support of Mubarak until the last minute is not forgotten.
So the weight and chains of Sadat's abandonment of Nasserism still haunts today's Egypt.

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