Thursday, October 6, 2011

Occupy Wall Street and labour rally

The gods cooperated with splendid, early autumn weather, as tens of thousands filled New York City's Foley Square before marching to Liberty [Zuccotti] Park where 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters are, as of this writing, in its 20 day.
Labour unions, mainly government and hospital workers, threw their full weight in support of the on going protest which has clear and simple aims of denouncing Wall Street and corporate greed, the heavy hand of the rich who represent one percent of America's wealth, and who shift the burden to the weakening and declining middle classes, the working class, and the poor, for their own 'conspicuous consumption', increase in wealth, and pullers of the strings on the marionettes they have bought in the US Congress.
GuamDiary recommends to its followers to go to 'Democracy Now' which has put together an excellent collage of images and commentary on the march and protest.
The dumb corporate media keeps harping on the unkempt, hippy like gathering, which it isn't, and asking 'what do they want'? They know but really cannot say since their paymasters are corporate America who are fighting any tax burden that they should bear but won't, whilst millions are un or underemployed long time, are downsized and jobs outsourced for the greater glory of corporate America; others are thrown out of homes they were fraudulently should at usurious conditions; still others are in debt for loans for education and outrageous credit card interest fees, so on.
'Occupy Wall Street', non structured as it is -- and hence the naif wonder of the corporate suits who lively in a sterile world of formulae and manners--has touched a raw nerve of America. The young people have gone to Wall Street to denounce not only the greed of finance capitalism but the fact that it was saved by them, the taxpayers, after the big bracket bankers engineered the 2008 global recession. And to pore more salt on the open sores and wounds of the suffering 99 percent who are seeing their quality of life diminishing day by day, the most wanted financial criminals have not been put on trial, convicted, and sent to the slammer for crimes against the American people. No, instead they sit in the courtyards of the temples of power which they buy and control.
It is important to point out 41 years again in the very same Wall Street student protesters went there to denounce the war in Vietnam. Then the construction workers beat them up. Today the workers have joined the 'Occupy Wall Street' protest. And if that isn't a powerful message to the dysfunctional major political parties and Congress and the corporate world that owns so much and refuses to pay its fair share, let them reap the whirl wind!

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