Monday, October 3, 2011

Main Street media 'disses' 'Occupy Wall Street'

‘Occupy Wall Street’ has its own newspaper, to counter the not so straight coverage of the main street media. It is appropriately named 'The Occupied Wall Street Journal'!
Consider Long Island based 'Newsday' is a good example of how corporate interests distort the 'Occupy Wall Street' protests. 'Rebels without a cause', the tabloid calls it. And yet they do have a cause: they are against the greed of Wall Street big bracket banks and corporate America whose wealth continues to grow at the expense of the 99 percent of the American people who see their livelihood, their lives, and the future of their children cheapened, demeaned, and devalued, all in the name of the one percent who possess great wealth and privilege. In more basic terms, this one percent of the wealthy and the powerful who buy and sell governments and escape the burden of taxes based on their true wealth and holdings, dominate 24 percent of the economy. In other words, their wealth is equal to the savings and the sweat and tears of the growing army of the poor or 140 million households in America. The US has a population of 300 million more or less.
Yes, the rebels do have a cause, and a jolly bloody good cause it is. But you would hardly know it talking to the main street media. Yet, we should not be shocked by the way the media, the ponces who earn fat salaries for talking nonsense. They are in the pay of the giant corporations who own the presses, the radio and television airways, and who buy and sell governments.
'The New York Times' has on its masthead: 'all the news fit to print' from its perspective. Marx, who is held in much disrepute, famously said: 'there is freedom of the press for those who own it!' And yet, the word gets out, the protests against corporate greed and finance capitalism spread across the country. And the media has to catch up with a situation and a process they don't understand [or understand all too well]; for 'Occupy Wall Street' and 'We are the 99 percent', which are more or less synonymous, are breaking the silence of the lambs of the press. And they've hit a nerve that ordinary America can and does understand.
You cannot dismiss the protesters as 'anti capitalist' since like good Americans, they basically believe in liberal economics. Saying this, they do understand that the way 'casino capitalism' as the banks and the corporations play, go against the decency of democracy and the values they were brought up to believe.
In a way, you can say the banks and the corporations are 'anti American' and the protesters, patriots. Try to sell that story to main street media! I dare you.

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