Thursday, October 20, 2011

US DPRK talks

The US and North Korea will enter into exploratory talks soon in Geneva. The object all sublime is how and when to restart stalled six party talks.
The DPRK's demands are simple and straightforward: no preconditions. The Americans have laid out a list of conditions, among which is call for proof of sincerity, whatever that means. The US has hitherto now rejected the DPRK's insistence on no preconditions.
The Obama administration has replaced its point man to North Korea Stephen Bosworth with Glyn Davies, a nuclear expert, and ambassador to IAEC in Vienna. This change in emissaries might lead somewhere beyond the usual script of recriminations and threats, it is hoped.
The US North Korean clerisy has already reacted to any flexibility in dealing with North Korea, to bring it back to the green carpet in the Beijing talks.
As GuamDiary commented, hard liner Victor Cha in a 'Financial Times' opinion piece entitled 'Kim Jong il must see the dark path that follows failing talks' waves a stern lecturing finger at the DPRK leader for his lack of commonsense in not conceding to demands that are, in substance, surrender. And now the American Enterprise Institute's Michael Mazza has come up with recommendations which in the short run promise nuclear confrontation, and in the longer run overthrowing the North Korean regime by any other means.
You've got to wonder if the lunatic asylum has opened its doors and let inmates out? As GuamDiary has long shown, the US North Korean clerisy--policy advisors in and out of government, talking heads, and the like--are a ragtag army of the mindless and in ideas bankrupt. Although highly educated technocrats, they lack the ability to think critically and prefer ideological blindness to commonsense and pragmatism.
Will the up coming talks in Geneva lead to a breakthrough? That is the question.

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