Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Want to laugh? The US and South Korea say that they don't link humanitarian aid to political issues!

In the face of the mounting evidence, the US and South Korea deny that they do not link food aid and other humanitarian to North Korea to political issues.
Whom do these two smug governments think they are kidding? Washington and Seoul are grand practitioners in the use of eyewash.
With effrontery, each country contends that North Korea is not suffering 'a nationwide food crisis of the kind that killed many thousands in the mid 1990s', wrote Nick Cummings Bruce and Choe Sang hun in today's 'New York Times'.
Yet, hunger and starvation there is in North Korea today, owing to a spate of bad weather that ruined crops and rice output through heavy rains and floods, very cold weather, etc.
US based NGO, Mercy Corps has reported a team of theirs, on recent trips to the DPRK, that there are pockets of starving North Koreans, and that 'people there have starved to death'.
It is useful to again alert GuamDiary readers, Mercy Corps used to distribute US donated food in North Korea from port of entry to point of distribution to the needy without hinderance by the DPRK authorities.
In 2008, when Obama and South Korean president Lee Myung bak assumed the presidency in their respective countries, aid was summarily cut off.
Although in 2010, Washington and Seoul agreed to furnish aid in kind, neither delivered on its promises, thereby making a dire situation worse by tying food to accepting US and ROK demands that amounted to capitulation of North Korean sovereignty.
The US' gesture was not true food aid but aid in the form of blankets, cots, tents, and the like. It rationalised this kind of 'aid' by saying had they given food, it would go to the army. Mercy Corps on American television challenged this idea; they knew better since they had long standing experience with North Korea and channeling food to the needy and not the army!
Lee withdraw his offer of food because North Korea would not repent for the sinking of its corvette 'Chainan' and the shelling of Yeognpyeong island. In each instance, the origin of these incidents belonged ot South Korea, not the DPRK.
Therefore to say with a bold face, neither the US nor South Korea wed food aid to political demands is an example of the Goebbels' 'Big Lie'.

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