Thursday, October 6, 2011

US threatens withholding of funds for UNESCO

It won't be the first time the US will put a hold on its funding of UNESCO. Like a petulant, spoilt child, the US stamps its foot because UNESCO is willing to accept as a full member Palestine, if approved by the UN General Assembly, which it will.
UNESCO's decision muddies the waters of the Obama administration's threat to veto the Palestinian Authorities call in the name of the Palestinian people full membership in the UN before the Security Council. The US will once again come to the Israeli occupier of Palestinian lands for the last 44 years by casting its veto.
As GuamDiary keeps saying, Israel is an American domestic hot potato. For the past 63 years, the Zionist state is the devil's tail of American policy.
As conditions rapidly change in the Arab world, the American policy remains hostage to the Israeli lobby and its influence among American Jews and Gentiles. Since any American administration lacks the 'chutzpah' to challenge the influence and domination of a foreign state on its international policy, it will suffer one political defeat after another. Nonetheless, the US has means at its disposition for nastiness in the form of blackmail, corruption, and a rattling of the sabre.
Yet as events in the last two years have shown, the US is losing traction on its influence in the Arab world. It is time for redirection of US Israeli policy. It will come however too late!

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