Friday, September 23, 2011

Would you buy a used motor car from Netenyau?

Israel's prime minister 'Bibi' Netenyahu has the gift of the gab. Were he not a politician, he would have had a successful career in the world of 'Mad Men'. Advertising which Freud's brother in law dubbed 'propaganda' during the Great War, is the art of selling something you might not want.
And when Netenyahu appears before the UN General Assembly today [24 Sep 2011], he is going to marshal his oratorical skills to sell a 'lemon' of an argument that the Palestinian Authority is 'not prepared yet to give peace to Israel'. For the last 20 years--and please do check the record--the PA has been negotiating with Israel to reach a two state solution. Since the signing of the Oslo Accords, the Zionist leadership, especially during the premiership of Netenyahu, has done everything to torpedo the Oslo Agreement and to way lay any proposal for the creation of a Palestine as its neighbour.
The record clearly shows that instead the Israeli government has accelerated illegal land grabs of land on the Palestinian West Bank and Arab East Jerusalem and build settlements for Jewish colonists, with one single purpose in mind: to create a 'Greater Israel' from the Mediterranean to the Jordan river, a Zionist dream of resurrecting the ancient kingdom of Judea and Sumeria of the Torah.
Little wonder the PA president Mahmoud Abbas has called on the UN to admit the state of Palestine to full membership in the world body, to save his people's identity and land that are rightfully theirs.
In Netenyahu's hawking of Josef Goebbel's 'Big Lie' brand of blather, the Zionist right wing leader has the backing of the US. The American president Barach Obama's position on negotiations with the PA is a carbon copy of the Israeli nationalists. In his speech before the General Assembly he, too, dissembled, and conveniently forgot to call, as he has done in the past, for the end of settlement building on the West Bank and negotiations based on the 1967 borders. The 45 US president has learnt to eat humble pie in late spring 2011 when Netenyahu, invited by the Republicans to address a joint session of Congress--an invitation arranged by Republican congressman Eric Cantor who has mixed allegiance to loyalty to the office to which he holds and to the US by allowing his religious beliefs to trump that sworn fidelity to uphold the US constitution.
Netenyahu's speech to the US congress was full of half truths and a message that a two state solution was out; he explicitly called the Palestinian West Bank 'Judea and Sumaria', meaning the land for a Palestinian state was 100 percent Israeli real estate, and 44 years of occupation of that land has given the Zionist state the right to do with it as it sees fit.
Obama got the message, and as he vainly tries for a second term in office, he is losing the Jewish vote in the US. No American president has succeeded in dissuading Israel from its 'appointed' goals on this matter.
Sadly, if the US vetoes the creation of the state of Palestine, which it plainly says it will, and even if the UN General Assembly upgrades the status of the Palestinians at the UN, Israel will seize all Palestinian territory and fulfill its dream of a Greater Israel.
And then its trouble will really begin. 'Proverbs' say 'pride preceedeth the fall' and Netenyahu and his poodle Obama are preparing the way for the end of Zionism and the state of Israel.
Such is the second hand car Netenyahu is trying to palm off on the world community. It is an outright destruction of the Palestinian people, no more, no less.

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