Friday, September 30, 2011

Occupy Wall Street day 14

The 'Occupy Wall Street' campaign is entering its third week. Thanks to the heavy handed tactics of the New York City police, which, according to the 'New York Times' is law unto itself, the protest has gained worldwide attention.
In the US, the campaign is spreading by word of mouth and slowly by a supine media tightly wedded to Wall Street through powerful corporations on the New York Stock Exchange and to Big Bracket banks, 'too big to fail'.
More importantly, each day brings more sympathisers to Liberty Park within a short walk to the hallowed grounds of the World Trade Centre, to join for the day the protesters.
More significantly, too, is that labour unions under attack by corporate America and municipal, state, and federal government are joining the 'Occupy Wall Street' campaign. Today protesters will join US Postal Workers in a peaceful march to the central post office to publicly show that they are not going to take cuts in wages, benefits, employment, and six day postal service.
The attack on America's 'middle classes', working class, and the poor are the result of the 2008 global financial crisis that the Wall Street banks are responsible for. Yet, not one banker on the Street has been tried, convicted, and sent to prison for sending millions on breadlines, the dole; in fact, the men responsible like US secretary Timothy Geitner is in Obama's cabinet, and in a position to protect his class of super rich. The Republicans are owned lock, stock, and barrel by the Wall Street bankers whom the taxpayer feed grandly and profitably so that American capitalism wouldn't go down into the drink!. Does anyone recall when Congress was debating the Dodd Frank bill to make US finance capital more accountable but not before the courts of justice, the Elephant party's Mitch McConnell was on Wall Street working closely with the banking lobby to stay, delay, or defeat any regulations on the banks? Does he and his party as servants of finance capitalist give a thinker's damn about Americans losing homes and jobs which are directly traceable to the computer generated financial instruments bundling mortgages and sold to investors for handsome profits? Probably not as the record shows.
Now a popular movement is on the rise and the plutocrats and coupon clippers and corporate military industrial America should take heed. Already American values and jobs have energises an indecisive Obama as he enters another presidential election cycle. The Elephants (the Republicans) trumpet they stand for the true America! Eyewash! They represent the rise of American nativism and know nothing thinking that run through 19 century American history. They stand for the wealthy and the privileged and the Anglo Saxon elite. They support a very narrow fragile sand castle which a populist tide will wash away.
And that is the meaning of 'Occupy Wall Street'.

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