Friday, September 2, 2011

A one term president? or ABO

The Elephant party has long been trumpeting Anything but Obama. We don't want him around after 2012.
It doesn't take rocket science to figure out Republican strategy: if president Obama suggests measures that the plodding pachyderms desperately want, in a show of spite, they will vote them down.
Obama isn't no FDR who took the fight into the trampled politics of the Elephants gleefully. Nonetheless even at the nadir of his popularity the 45 president of these 50 states can sally out for a battle royal which will in the end damage the Republicans.
T'aint no secret the strategy comes from the old Southern states which even today have strong vestiges of racism. How can you explain Obama's embracing the Elephant senator Tom Coburn, a Southern Baptist, 'not only a dear friend, but a brother in Christ' when months later this very 'brother' slapped the president's cheek by saying in essence were Obama not black and took advantage of 'social promotion' to get in Harvard and then catapulted into the presidency in 2008?
It does not take a rocket scientist to come up with the trumpeting Elephants strategy to defeat Obama at the polls in 2012 when he runs for a second term: that plan of action has less to do with the president's leadership or managerial skills but more to do with the ugly strain of racialism among the southern influenced evangelical Christianity.
We are witnessing the tyranny of the 'peasant' mentality that has raised the flag of revolt across in America, especially in the emergence of the Tea Party; the political system has disrupted, if not destroyed, the social and economic underpinnings of their comfort and security. As a result, they fall back on an America where blacks, browns, and yellows know their place and left the world to the whites, meaning Protestant Christians, to rule.

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