Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lee Myung bak's delusional fantasy of unifying Korea

Art imitates life? 'The man with the Baltic stare', the fourth in James Church's Inspector O series, revolves around South Korea's designs to unify the divided Korean peninsula, with a few twists.
South Korea's president Lee Myung bak has, it seems, read the inards of a milk calf that foretell with inevitable certainty that he will begin the process of unifying the two Koreas under Seoul's leadership.
Proof of his meglomania is announced by an 'Agence France Presse' release that Lee's unification office from 26 September 2011 will produce 'video content, weekly news, and other material' to be aired on the unitv.unikorea website.
And the twist the knife in the open wound of two Koreas, 'an internal channel will begin broadcasting news on unification and interviews with North Korean refugees' on uniradi.inlive.
Surely,the announcement by the ROK's Yonhap news agency is a formula for grand mischief. It is a provocative move that will favour North Korea's displeasure, undoubtedly doing everything to promote disharmony and digging even deeper the distrust of the North towards the South.
The unitv and uniradio broadcasts are a bolder step in the cold war style propaganda war that the Lee regime expanded since the ROK president occupied the Blue House in 2008 and scuppered the 'Sunshine Policy'.
Every move Lee has taken is calculated to push Kim Jong il to trip the wire to war. In face, it was South Korea's joint military exercises with live fire with the US along the Northern Limit Line within spitting of North Korea's territorial waters,
caused a reply from Pyongyang when the South's shells fell into the DPRK. The North's response set the US to stay the hand of the South from further antagonising the North lest the dormant Korean War would turn hot after 57 years.
Lee has not tempered his sham Caesarism to impose a 'Pax Koreana' on the DPRK. His meglomania knowns no bounds. He is, more than ever, intent of pushing the North to edge of collapse or war.

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