Sunday, September 11, 2011

Isreal meltdown

To hear the plaintive voice of Marc Regev, the Israeli spokesman for the Zionist state's prime minister, it would stop you in your tracks. Normally, he speaks with superior authority; today, his voice has seemingly lost its certainty and self assuredness.
The flight of the Israeli ambassador to Cairo is a major cause for concern for the right wing led government of 'Bibi' Netenyahu. Is it an omen of worse things to come in the 31 years since Egypt and Israel signed a peace agreement?
Netenyahu's sham Caesarism has not achieved its desired ends in the Middle East. The 'Arab Spring' has left the Zionist state dominance in the dust. In a way, its military might notwithstanding, the Likud led government is like a farmer living on exhausted soil.
Without Egypt as an 'ally', Netenyahu's policies has had the unhappy outcome of forcing Israel into a ghetto of its own making, hinting at weakness and impotency.
A further turn of misfortune is Israel's rupture with Turkey, an ally of 63 years, for want of an apology and compensation for the assault and murder of nine Turks on the 'Mavi Mamara' in June 2010.
A telling sign is the taming of the sharp tongue of the aggressively nationalist--and some might say 'proto fascist--foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman. Now is he mouthing soothing sounds towards Ankara. Yet he was the architect for not apologising to Turkey. Suddenly a crack of sanity has penetrated into the smug Israeli leadership, but not enough to apologise.
The Zionist's state fossilised strategy will ensure recognition of Palestine as an 'associate state' of the UN. The Obama administration's veto will deprive the Palestinian Authority of outright statehood 'de jure'. The minions of the American president are calling for cutting off US aid to the PA. Such a move would underscore without a doubt that the US is not an good broker but a partisan of Israel.
On the other hand, Netenyahu is arming illegal Jewish colonists on seized land in the Palestinian West Bank and putting its army through its paces out of fear that a PA victory at the UN would lead to an uprising in the occupied territory in the West Bank and Arab East Jerusalem under the Zionist heel for 44 years.
GuamDiary thinks that the UN recognition of the state of Palestine would provoke an Israeli armed attack on Palestines, out of sheer and utter frustration and blind rage of failure.
A military assault on Palestinians by armed vigilantes and the defence force will weaken further the strained ties with Egypt and might very well incited universal condemnation and further isolation falling back on its only 'friend' the US.

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