Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lunacy seizes Israel's relations with Turkey

The British writer Rebecca West thought men in power ‘lunatics’. The reputedly ‘savvy’ Israeli prove her point. The Zionist state’s leadership unwillingness to ‘apologise for’ and pay compensation to the families of the nine Turks its defence forces killed on the Turkish ship ‘Mavi Mamara’ in international waters as part of a Freedom Flotilla to break the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza, has now brought the expulsion of the Zionist ambassador to Ankara, a break in military cooperation, a cutting off the Israeli materiel for Turkish forces.

The final break came after more than a year to patch up tattered relations between the two countries, with the publication of a flawed UN report on the ‘Mavi Mamara’ incident of June 2010. The report is a ‘yes, but…’ explanation of this event. On one hand, it pins the blames of unjustified force on the Israel, yet it does not condemn them as carrying out an act of piracy on ships in international waters. On the other hand, it equates any resistance of unarmed passengers on the ‘Mavi Mamara’ for resisting Israeli’s assault, thereby putting on equal footing a highly trained, highly armed Israeli special forces that aggressed an armed group of people wanting to break the illegal Zionist blockade of Gaza by ferrying material to rebuild infrastructure, medical supplies, and food, and the like to a Palestinian population aggressed by Israel’s preemptive three week war in December 2008, called ‘Cast Lead’.

The report pours salt on open wounds by saying that Israel’s illegal blockade of Gaza is seen as licit under international law [a spurious reading], and tilted its concern more towards the Israeli military than to their victims dead or alive who were very roughly handled.

Turkey reacted strongly as noted above, for Israel acts as a law unto itself, ably assisted by the US and some of its western allies. The break with Turkey opens a can of worms for the Zionist state, not the least consequence is Ankara’s seizing the International Court of Justice challenging Israel’s blockade of Gaza. The Likud led Netenyahu government has set itself for a fall in the UN when in the 2011 General Assembly will recognize a Palestinian state in spite of Israel’s 43 occupation of the West Bank and Arab East Jerusalem. As a spearhead of Muslim countries, a globally recognized Palestine will force Israel into a diplomatic ghetto of its own making; throw mud on the US’ attempt to ‘broker’ peace and reconciliation in the region by always backing up the Zionist state for internal American politics.

Finally Israel’s nightmares might not be over: Egypt might expel Israel’s ambassador to Cairo, and loosen ties military and commercially almost to the point of breaking. And the docile Jordan might also follow suit.

Israel has made the point of idiocy by its refusal to own up to crimes on the high seas and killing nine Turks on the ‘Mavi Mamara’.

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