Thursday, September 15, 2011

Israel evacuates embassy in Jordan

Israel got its fingers burnt in Egypt when its ambassador to Cairo fled for his life as enraged Egyptians assailed the Israeli embassy.
To avoid a repetition of public rebuke and humiliation, the right wing Likud government of 'Bibi' Netenyahu has ordered the evacuation of its embassy in Amman before the announcement 'million man march' to protest US Israeli designs revealed by Wikileaks release of American diplomatic cables.
It is an open secret that since the creation of the state of Israel in 1948, Israel had long suggested, if not sought, turning what was called 'TransJordan' into a state for Palestinian refugees who fled their land during the Arab Israeli war.
King Hussain torpedoed this idea through measured and skillful diplomacy to keep the Kingdom of Jordan, Jordanian, and eventually signed a treaty with the Zionist state after Egypt's Anwar Sadat did thereby regaining his country's sovereignty over Sinai.
Yet the idea of 'expelling' Palestinian out of the West Bank into Jordan to fulfill Zionist dreams of a greater Israel from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River, has never been far from bedrock of Israeli nationalism. And of course from US thoughts of once and for all to solve the festering problem and giant headache of not achieving a two state solution that would favour its ally Israel.
Of course such plans are shortsighted: they leave out of the equation of Jordanian sense of its own identity and nationhood, even though Jordan has welcomed tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees since 1948.
The US cables speak of Israeli expulsion of Palestinians from the West Bank and Israel proper to Jordan.
So to sidestep another show of diplomatic and political disgrace, Netenyahu's government has evacuated its embassy staff. Who would have thought that within the last month that Israel's fortress of arrogance would crack wide open, exposing great weaknesses?

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