Friday, September 9, 2011

It's official: the US will veto Palestinian bid for statehood

The games are over. The Obama administration has threatened for months now to veto any Palestinian Authority bid for a state recognised by the world comity of nations at the UN.
As GuamDiary mused, the 45 American president's emissaries brought an empty letter of promises to the PA president Mahmoud Abbas to forestall the PA's plans. It failed. It couldn't otherwise: Obama sent his advisor on the Middle East Dennis Ross to convey his message. Ross is a partisan of Israel, so what he had to deliver was a poison cup of delay and of further weakening of the will towards a Palestinian state.
Did Obama think he would succeed? As we suggested yesterday, no, but he could benefit from a supine US press to blow the trumpets of his latest endeavour as a 'peacemaker', for domestic consumption.
The odds that an American veto in the Security Council will stay General Assembly approval of the state of Palestine make for a large spread on the order, say, 60 to one.
Attentive reading of the press points to Israel as a domestic issue. Consider the campaign to replace the disgraced Congressman Anthony Wiener in a once safe Democratic district. A former mayor of New York has thrown a spanner in what would normally have been a shoe in race. Ed Koch, a three term mayor, goes ballistic on the question of support for Israel. He questioned the 'bona fides' of the Democratic candidate David Weprin, an orthodox on his allegiance to the Zionist state, by backing a little known Republican candidate. His sticking his nose into a routine election has tightened it so that even if Werpin wins, it might be by a hair. The Democrat Koch is doing his best to get back at Obama for his 'kinder, gentler approach' to the Arab and Muslim world. In that he sees a weakening US resolve to back Israel to the hilt, contrary to the evidence.
Israel, in other words, is beyond reproach like Caesar's wife!
Consequently the US is a prisoner of its own stark support of Israel even in local domestic politics and elections.

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