Wednesday, September 7, 2011

North Korea not meeting terms for Beijing talks, say US

Let's be clear about the US assertion that North Korea is showing 'no signs yet' that it is 'prepared to meet conditions', in order to return to the suspended six party talks in Beijing on the North's nuclear programme.
Blithely ignoring Kim Jong il's call for sitting down to talks with 'no conditions', the US is unwilling to restart talks but on its own terms.
Now that is a 'demand' that the North has long rejected. Kim Jong il has signaled his willingness to rejoin talks with 'no preconditions' through two former US presidents--Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton--senior department of state officials, and visiting intellectuals and scholars. President Obama has turned a deaf ear to these messages.
Therefore, as the state department's spokeswoman Virginia Nuland criticises North Korea for dragging its feet on returning to Beijing, her words reek of the propaganda war, coordinated with South Korea, against the DPRK. They are a shroud to cover the stinking corpse of a policy that does not want to deal with North Korea on a level playing field, to resolve nuclear and traditional tripwires in a divided Korean peninsula.

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