Wednesday, September 21, 2011

US--Israeli's cat's paw

The Palestinian Authority's bid to call for UN recognition of the state of Palestine has torn the veil off the temple of US diplomacy.
By going to the UN, PA president Mahmoud Abbas has shown US and Israel for what they are: dishonest brokers in achieving a two state solution. More than that, his call has clearly shown that Israel is a domestic issue and also a 2012 presidential campaign issue that might deny president Obama of a second term in office.
American diplomacy when it comes to the Israeli Palestinian question is a most uncertain instrument. Some cynics may even can it perfidious if we read the 2011 released al Jazeera files that reveal US lack of frankness as an honest broker between the PA and Israel; the documents reveal that US administrations favoured Israel to the detriment of Palestinians' aspiration for a state of their own.
Abbas has swept the board clean by knocking down the well worn chess pieces of diplomacy, and has called for a new game that will end up with recognition of the state of Palestine.
However if you read or hear or see the American media you would see the mean delight of roasting the Palestinian Authority for betraying the US and knocking the pins out from under Israel. Nothing is further from the truth! Freud would call such half truths and outright distortions 'projection', meaning throwing one's faults, flaws, and blame on another party.
Consider this scenario: if the US wants to ensure that Palestinians on the West Bank do not go, say, without food, owing to the high percentage of unemployment created by Israeli policy, it has to get prime minister 'Bibi' Netenyahu's approval. The right wing premier has steadfastly sabotage the Oslo Accords and done everything he could to subvert any negotiations leading to a Palestinian state. In his world, Palestinian lands are for the creation of a Greater Israel from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River. In his view, he thinks that by dispossessing Palestinians of their lands, they will be forced to beggar their neighbour Jordan by conquering the Hachemite Kingdom for their own.
Decades of US policy have brought the US to this horrendous state of dependency on a client state. It is as if America has taken on the cloak of a Neville Chamberlin. How the mighty superstate has fallen low!

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