Thursday, November 3, 2011

Occupy ....

Occupy Oakland closed down the very active Port of Oakland during a General Strike, the first in the Bay Area city's since 1946. The GS kept businesses and banks closed. Almost everything came to a standstill. The police were nowhere in sight until the dark of night when with smoke bombs, they charged demonstrators and took prisoners. Thus ended a 'momentous day'.
Have the US ruling classes begun absorbing the fact that the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement that has spread across the length and breath of the US is not going away?
They can no long dismiss the rising tide of 'hatred' of the 99 percent to the finance capitalists who pull the strings of Authority in Washington, in state capitols, and the thousands of municipalities across the 50 states. They would be wrong not to 'reform' the stifling climate that has cut out the 'middle classes', the working classes, and the poor from the luxury the plutocrats and their lap dogs in political office enjoy.
The tide of discontent is rising, but the waters threatening the ruling classes are now lapping at their feet. Nor can the coupon clippers and financial wizards dismiss, scornfully, the 'occupiers' & friends as disorganized, with no agenda nor plan of action, and the like. The American ruling oligarchy continues to dully manoeuvre to keep power at its own peril.
Already the political mechanisms of power are broken. The politicians who front for the big bracket banks turn out to be mindless idiots: you only have to look at the string of Republican candidates vying for the Elephant party's nomination for president in the 2012 elections, to realise that they are second or third or fourth rate, and what's more, brain dead.
Obama is a schil for Wall Street.
Little wonder the 'occupiers' & friends are going outside 'business as usual' ways of doing things. Their message, simple and direct, has given expression of protest to the downtrodden peons that finance capitalists engendered through political manipulation, mad speculation, and so on, resulting in the global recession of 2008.
The 'occupiers' & co. are showing that the ruling classes can no longer disguise their 'crimes'. The string pullers of Wall Street forget that the 'occupiers' & friends are well educated; have been taught the small secrets of working the system, and know how to fashion that knowledge into to weapons to use against the one percent who try to pass themselves off as finance capitalism's feudal lords.
'Occupiers' & friends are willing to be arrested, go to jail, and possibly to spend some time there, in order to foster and expend the growing army of followers. That resolve more than anything should sound the alarum to the plutocrats & their camp followers that their days are numbered.
As the overused slogan says: 'the people united can never be defeated' [in the longer run]. It is not for nothing that songs like 'Solidarity forever' or 'the banks are made of marble, there's a guard at every door' have come back as common coin of the protesters.

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