Sunday, November 6, 2011

Israel prepares to bomb Iran

Is the right wing Likud Israeli prime minister 'Bib' Netenyahu's announcement that Israel is contemplating attacking Iran's 'nuclear' installation more than a ploy to scare the Iranians? You better believe it.
Now the grand old man of Israeli politics, president Shimon Peres has begun beating the drums of war. His message his tam taming is beating out says 'it looks more and more likely Israeli is going to attack Iran'. Yet, he covers himself by saying, we should not neglect alternatives.
The Zionist state is playing with fire: it is trying to square the circle by swinging a club of fear on one hand, and on the other, offering soothing balm to ease the sting of Israel's threats.
Objectively speaking, the aggressive Zionist politicians are feeling entrapped, owing to their inflexibility to adapt to changing conditions in West Asia and in the Arab world. They are taking advantage of economic crisis in Europe which threatens the US banks and the American economy by rapping on war, as if they think that the US and the European Union will go to war with Iran if Israel makes the first move.
We are no longer in 1956 when Israel grabbed the Sinai and went into Egypt, precipitating the Anglo French Suez Crisis. We are 55 years later with a nuclear Israel, ready to declench a mushroom cloud on Iran.
GuamDiary has already expressed its feeling that as Israel's prestige in the Middle East has declined, the Zionist state's elite has gone mad, their G-d will destroy them if they attack Iran. The tragedy, however, is that Israel's self 'Goetterdaemmerung' will bring down the rest of the world.

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