Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Netenyahu 'menteur', Bibi the liar

Overhead at the recent G-20 meeting at Cannes, the following exchange between presidents Sarkozy and Obama: The US chief executive was warily asking the French president why France cast its vote to allow Palestine into UNESCO as a full member. Sarko replied to words of this effect: 'Je ne peux le blairer. C'est un menteur!' or 'I cannot stand the man, he's a liar!'. To which Obama with heavy heart responded, 'you may not like him, but I have to deal with him every day'.
So, the cat's out of the bag: the US is Israel's toy to play with as it sees fit.
Netenyahu has gone off on a lunatic binge, as GuamDiary sees it. He's willing to go to war with Iran from a safe distance of firing ranges in the Negev, but what boots can he put on the ground to 'bell his nemesis Iran's cat?' None to speak of, unless he's counting on the US, UK, and the European Union to come to his assistance. Dream on little man.
As GuamDiary reminds its readers, this is not 1956 when Israel spearheaded the Anglo French Israeli invasion of Egypt to seize the nationalised Suez Canal.
At that time, president Eisenhower sent Menachem Goldmann World Zionist chair to Ben Gurion with a warning unless Israel withdraws, the US will cut off all economic and military aid. Also at that moment thanks to the dirty three's invasion to topple Nasser, Russia gained a foothold in the Arab world, much to Israel's sorrows. Ben Gurion withdrew but it held the Sinai as booty, and England and France's designs withered away to ashes.
Today, the US is Israel's captives: the US Congress is Israel's 'wooden horse": you've evangelical Christian Zionists and Jews like Eric Cantor and Howard Berman and Joe Liberman who profess allegiance first and foremost to the Zionist state, then to the US. The Israeli lobby has tonnes of cash and a good propaganda arm to defeat many a candidate who dares to criticise Israel's self aggrandising policy at the expense of the Palestinians whose land it is occupying for the last 44 year and has illegally seized a good swath of its for implanting illegal Jewish immigrants, in order to turn Palestine into Greater Israel with segregated pockets for Palestinians.
Anything Netenyahu says is suspect and lacks the ring of truth. In a way, he has turned himself into the stereotype of the anti Semites. And he's willing to self destruct along with the world to realise his impossible dreams.

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