Sunday, November 20, 2011

Arrogance & disconnectedness

In South Korea, younger members of the Grand National Party called up its leader Lee Myung bak, president of South Korea, and party elders to apologise for being arrogant and disconnected from ordinary South Koreans in the wake of the GNP's loss of Seoul to Park Woon soon.
The 25 young GNP lawmakers sensed an impending defeat of their party in the 2012 presidential elections. A major cause of popular disaffection is the growing inequality of income and opportunity and unemployment.
It boogles the mind that, say, a group of 25 US Republican members of Congress calling up Mitch McConnell and John Boehner and Eric Cantor to apologise for arrogance and the growing disenchantment with the Republican party that has sold its soul to the banks and Corporate America and fill pockets of their with kickbacks and huge donations. In other words, the Republic party has become the shill of the one percent that own 40 percent of GDP and pull the strings of the puppets they buy in Washington.
Such a scenario is unimaginable until the party of Elephants go down in blazing defeat at the polls or percipate a depression so that the rich and the super rich pay as little taxes they are obliged to by law. And even is difficult to envisage breast beating, public apologies, and the donning of political sack cloth!

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