Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Israeli style, NY police disperse Occupy Wall Street

At 1:15 am, with heliocopters hovering overhead, flashing blinding lights, more than 500 New York police in battle gear, tinted visors, baton in hand, with gas sprays ready, order the protestors at Zuccotti or Liberty Park to vacate immediately and take belongings with them. Those who resisted would and were arrested. The police had id badges hidden. Already barriers had been thrown up in a wide area that even stopped people leaving or going to work with no other alternative to body searches.
Hardly had the command been given the police forcefully evicted the protesters even though the majority were leaving.
Some 70 [perhaps more] practising civil disobedience were arrested and manhandled, including a member of the New York City Council. Others avoiding arrested were hit on the head by batons and roughly herded out of the immediate area on the eve of the third month occupation in the city's financial district.
News of the eviction had spread through the social network; supporters came rushing to the expelled protesters' aid. Media were on the spot: the better coverage is found on WBAI-FM a New York affiliate of the Pacifica Foundation, Amy Goodman's 'Democracy Now', Al Jazeera English, the BBC; the local New York media more or less, accepted mayor Michael Bloomberg's sophistry: the early morning raid had one and only one object: sanitation and fire prevention. Really...................
The Israeli style assault falls into a coordinated pattern within the last 48 hours to hyperactively close down OWS sites in Portland, Oregon, Salt Lake City, Utah, and New York. The military style action violates Constitutional rights and is closer to the expulsion of Palestinians from their land, Afghani from villages, Iraqi from homes, and Vietnamese 40 years ago. Yes, the Occupiers had hit the ruling classes exposed, corrupt nerves, and they reacted brutally, savagely, and with a by your leave ruthlessness.
Tonight a forum at the elite Council on Foreign Relations on OWS should prove interesting. The US mayors who front for the banks, chamber of commerce, and corporate America have behaved spectacularly stupid. As such, they have and will continue to help expand the message of the Occupiers. OWS has changed the national discourse: already thanks to their call, hundreds of millions have gone from big bracket banks into credit unions. OWS has shaken up the status quo and stressed the bankruptcy of America's political system. They are to be feared, but they seem fearless in the face of growing government repression.
Good luck to OWS as they shake the pillars of Corporate America and finance capitalism who are picking on the bones of the working and middle classes and the poor.

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