Thursday, November 3, 2011

Canada and Ireland attempt to break Israeli blockade of Gaza

As the mad men governing Israel test long range missiles, elaborate plans to bomb Iran, and continue illegal occupation and settlement of Palestinian lands with Zionist settlers, peace boats continue setting out to break Israel's illegal blockade of Gaza.
This time only two boats from Ireland and Canada are heading for the Strip from Turkish ports. Each vessel is carrying much needed medicine that the Zionists do not let entry into Gaza, as well as letters of greetings and solidarity to the Palestinians landlocked into a prison of Israel's making.
Now, they are in international waters. Will Israel engaged in yet another act of piracy on the high seas to stop them? More likely than not. The US does support Israel's violation of the laws of the sea, but this time is too concerned with matters economic to use its clout to stop this mini Peace Flotilla, as it did a few months ago by sitting on the Greek and Turkish authorities.
As GuamDiary sees it, Israel is like a rabid dog attacking anyone or anything that challenges its dying power in the Middle East; internally the growing disparity of wealth has thrown up tents of protests in the streets of Tel Aviv; externally, Egypt can twist its tail to extract advantages since the fall of Mubarak, Turkey is challenging the Zionist state's hegemony in the region, and the Israeli ruling classes have shredded the image of Israel as a democratic state as they move to authoritarian rule...a rule which foists upon Jews the claustrophobic do's and don't's they use on Arabs.
The Peace Flotillas challenge Zionist hegemony peacefully. Saying this, it is a challenge that hastens the erosion of any disguise that Israel is for peace. No, it is for the use of brute force to realise its goal of a 'Greater Israel' without Palestinians. Such megalomanic plans are doomed to failure.

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