Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wisconsin's Scott Walker dons Reagan's mantle

Scott Walker thinks well of himself. He might believe that by donning the dusty cloak of the lionised and 'sainted' Ronald Reagan, he has channeled the snake oil charm of the 40 US president. Wrong! Scott doesn't have the weight nor the wit nor the intelligence to pull it off.
By attacking the rights of public workers unions to bargain and to strike, he's disturbed a hornet's nest. The reactionary Reagan destroyed the air controllers union, which threw its weight behind the 'Gipper' in the 1980 elections. And got away with it. Scott's taking on Wisconsin's public sector unions has awakened the sleeping heads of workers, in the public and private sectors, to defend the rights they 'earned' bargaining collectively.
The attack on public workers represents an assault of a sector which has organised 36.2 per cent of the active working force, compared to the much weakend private sector with its 6.9 per cent.
Scott may crow that 'our time has come', meaning the radical Republicans and mindless ideologues who wanted to sweep away a countervailing force which will and does resist giving away the company store to the plutocrats, the finance capitalists, and the avarious, boulimic rich who never have enough. By smashing public unions or any union allows the class that controls the country's wealth and buys elections, suborns the courts, and steamrolls over the rights of the American people, let alone outrageously exploiting those in Asia and Africa and Latin America, though investments and the like. For this class of the lobotomised rich, the working class earns too much; they demand too much; they don't jump through the hoop of its demands. Meaning they won't work without rules but those set by this band of ogres who hungarily feed on the sweat and labour of the masses. They are no Scrooges who is redeemed by the spirit of Christmas, but the they are the direct descendents of the true Scrooge who shouts, 'are there no poorhouses' to deal with the poor and the wretched?
Well, this is the world Scott Walker lusts for. He is no Mr. Nice. Listen to him: 'I don't bargain'. Alas, this benighted fool believes his own pathetic inner voice: he is a law unto himself. However the workers in Wisconsin do not think so. If anything, the court jester of the billionaire brothers Koch has injected energy into America's unions public and private. And has awakened a spirit of resistance, and a thumbing their collective nose of a class of blood suckers who will sleep with any dictator or engage in illegal practices, in order to pick up another dollar.
So, Scott Walker, collapse under the mantle of Ronald Reagan, for you're out of your depths.

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