Thursday, February 17, 2011

Let North Koreans eat cake!

Western countries have turned a deaf ear to North Korea's appeal for food aid. They suggest that North Korea instead go through the good offices of the United Nations, and with the condition that outside inspectors ensure that the food go to the needy and not to the army.
Although there are dangers in refusing Pyongyang's request, the 'united front' of the US, the EU, and Australia are taking a firm stand. Their refusal to help feed North Koreans who have weathered years of starvation and reduced intake of food is reminiscent of Marie Antoinette's famously saying 'Let them eat cake' to the starving Parisian masses. South Korea, with the arrival of Lee Myung bak at the Blue House, imposed draconian measures to deny the North food and more importantly fertilisers.
Referring North Korea to the UN throws up bureaucratic flags which will delay meeting its request for food, and may very well mean, not getting the tonnage desired to feed its people.
Of course, the western nations will feign sorrow and shed crocodile tears, but won't lift a finger to help. They will talk of the need for stability on the Korean peninsula and the urgency of denuclearising it, yet, here they are throwing up road blocks to thwarts any moves towards dialogue and resolving urgent issues of war and peace.
Of course, too, hypocritically, they will make the same shopworn speeches of care and concern and helping the poor in distress. We've heard these sorry 'humanitarian' screads without any substance other than the ego money and pie in the sky advice they give to the needy.
It is imminently clear, that this 'united front' of the 'generous' and the 'willing' are anything but that. This coalition has one object in mind: to impose regime change in North Korea by driving North Koreans to starvation and even death.
Their motives are obvious and hardly new but the US, EU, and Australia will back up their denial of food in the fancy frocks of the humanitarian and the generous, so on and on. Under this cloud of hypocrisy lies the same ideology and thinking that devised the poor laws in England and the flint heartedness of the well fed.

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