Thursday, February 10, 2011

North Korea's Egyptian connexion

Egypt has had long 'friendship' with North Korea. If this tidbit of information is hidden from public view, shake that worry out of your sleepy head. If it is a secret, then, it's an 'open secret'. And what's more, in the back pages of the global press, including the American media, and on the internet, news of dealings between Pyongyang and Cairo find their way to the public eye.
Yet, this 'truth' has escaped the notice of the arch North Korea hunter Donald Kirk who loses might sleep at night at the thought that the 'vipers' in Pyongyang are managing to forestall their collapse and may very well thrive and prosper against the high waves of sanctions and the deafening tones of the US' and South Korea's cold war against the North.
Suddenly, Kirk has discovered an 'axis' between North Korea and Egypt. Where has this 'Javert' like journalism who doesn't leave a stone unturned to find some nefarious behaviour or plot that Pyongyang is what time warp has this greybeard among North Korea hunters been snoozing?
Let's consider two things: North Korea has supplied the Egyptians with its sophisticated rocketry throughout the year. On the other hand, Orascam a billion dollar multinational Egyptian telecommunications corporation signed a long term contract with the North to wire the country for wifi interent connexions through all North Korea.
Now, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out, contrary to Kirk's assertion that the US has been caught napping on this Pyongyang Cairo nexus, that as a receipt of 1.3 US$ billion in US military aid every year, Washington does not look at this connexion with a jaundiced eye. In fact, it may even prove an avenue for the US to keep abreast of North Korea's progress in sophicated advanced rocketry. The Egyptians are probably not shy in showing their American 'ally' North Korean hardware. Which brings GuamDairy to question at times, Washington's assertion that advances in North Korea's rocketry in the past, have caught them unawares.
On the non military front, Orascam's representativess may have been invited to tea with US diplomatic personnel who would question them on their observations of talks with leading North Korean officials and query them of what they think is happening in the North. We do know that US intelligence gathering on North Korea is not on a high level, owing to America policy not to truck with Pyongyang unless North Korea bends to Washington's demands.
Additionally, we can posit that Orascam can be used now or later as a back channel of US messages to North Korea.
For this and ideological blindness, the implications for the US and South Korea have escaped Kirk's eagle eye.
Could it have been otherwise? Yes. However, there are hardly any shades of gray in Kirk's reporting. He wrote a book debunking Kim Dae Jung's 'Sunshine Policy'. He is a favourite of Lee Myung bak's Blue House, the Pentagon, and right wing think tanks.
So, we know from what direction, Kirk is coming from.

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