Saturday, February 5, 2011

Israel continues to sweat

Israel's right wing premier Netenyahu is sitting on an uneasy chair of power. Events in Egypt have set him to finger nervously his worry beads. Will Egypt reconduct the 30 year old peace treaty with Israel. For 3 decades on the Sinai border, Cairo's presence has lightened Israel's military expenditures. And then there the supply of gas from an Egyptian pipeline, which blew up today.
And in Jordan, the Hashemite king Abdullah is taking measures to quiet the streets and dampen a popular revolt that might mimic Egypt's and Tunisia's. Will the peace deal with Amman continue to obtain. First and foremost in the monarch's mind is the survival of the royal house.
The Palestinian west bank and Gaza strip remain quiet. But for how long? Palestinians of all political stripes have exercised a good dollop of patience. What else could they do faced by an Israeli government ready to set its military on any 'intifida'. Out of fear, the Netenyahu government is opening wider the public purse and pouring a steady flow of shekels on developing Palestinian territory not illegally gobbled up by illegal occupation and settlement. Suddenly, we hear of infrastructure improvement, economic development, improved healthcare and education, so on and on.
Will the wall separating Palestinian and Israeli in the west bank be stopped or torn down? Why cannot Palestinians use the very modern network of roads on which only Israels can travel. And will stolen land be returned?
Israel feels money will satsify discontent Palestinians which from any which you look at the situation, the Zionist state humiliates and even imprisons, wounds, and kills at any turn of the dial on Israeli policy.
Showering the occupied west bank is the surest sign that Israel fears not an 'enslaved' and 'hostage' Arab population. They may very well fear that among the discontent and renewed sense of pride and self of being Arab, a Palestinian Moses arises and anointed by history and the masses to challenge more Gandhi fashion than with guns the Israeli pharaons.
Israel is at a crossroad. Judging by Netenyahu & co's response, it looks as though they are taking the wrong road. Consequently, they will suffer the stress and insecurity of the bully and their inability to change and embrace flexibility and commonsense in their policy towards the Palestinians. And as such, Israel's sweat glands will function abnormally.

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