Sunday, February 13, 2011

Something to think about: Is America becoming like Mubark's Egypt?

Something to chew on. Consider the tighting grips of America's plutocrats, the straggling hold of the war state appartchiks, and the brain dead elite on jibing towards the winds of reaction and sugar plum dreams of an America that no longer exists. Consider, too, the growing pauperisation of the American masses and the ready use of the state of its militia to quell any unrest. Consider the growing corruption and criminalisation of the ruling class. Consider the impoverisation of the American people who more and more have to foot the bill for greedy rulers. Consider the greedy bankers who brought the US and world a whopping recession, and who have never been nor ever will be prosecuted, found guility, and thrown into gaol, and who now live better and more lordly than ever before. Consider the growth of polital dynasties and a ruling class which will sell its soul to the almighty dollar, renminbi yuan, or won or euro or ... Whose wealth is made off the backs of a global army of cannon fodder for finance capital. Consider the growing role of Washington as a super nanny snoop on the lives of Americans--by reading their mail on and offline, tapping their telephones, spying on their legal activities--for they can no longer be trusted. Consider the mounting debt of the masses. Consider the rise of infant mortality, homelessness, hunger, lack of proper medical care, and the dumbing down of education, in order to roll out, with Ford like factory precision, of robot performing menial and demeaning tasks. [See, Chaplin's 'Modern Times']. Consider the high and ever increasing education fees that cut the promising sons and daughters of the masses from cracking the glass ceiling to success. Consider that the best places are reserved for the effete sons and daughters of the plutocrats who are as decadent and dumb as the parents that spawned them. Consider the corporatisation of the media turning them into the trained seals of the corporations, their paymasters. Consider the doling out of campaign funds to both parties to fund election campaigns which turns the political process into the narrowness of a chicken's intestine. Consider the increasing use of bread and circuses for the masses who are regaled with more technology which become not a means for education and a door on the wider world but for self indulgence. Consider the growing quietism of the American people who lost their defenders in labour unions, and more progressive spokesmen. Consider the lose of a national identity and values. Consider the rise of mindless religious fundamentalism and reactionary politics that offer pie in the sky comfort, which is the opium of the people. Consider the rise of lawlessness and growing fear for one's own safety, which feeds the insane rush to arm oneself. The end of the rule of law which may retain its formalism but it ain't for you or me. And the list continues in an unbroken litany... You get the idea, when corporations legally have the same rights as a human, money rules supreme!
Of course, there are sparks of resistance, but the one spark which would ignite a prairie fire is lacking for the present. But will it always be? The day of reckoning is ....

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