Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wikileaks strikes again!

Recently released US diplomatic cables from 2008 that talks of Israel favouring the newly appointed vice president and former spy chief of Egypt, as Hosni Mubarak's successor. It may very well come to pass if Mubarak and his gerontocratic circle of elders wear the youthful protestors calling for the 'pharaon' ouster.
Like the 'Al Jazeera' leaks of the Palestinian Authority's supine behaviour in negotiating with the Israeli and the US, the public is getting an eyeful of what was, and is, happening behind the scenes.
Omar Suleiman is damaged goods, no doubt about it. If the senior military back him up, it will take some trying to topple him. Seemingly he is conceding ground to a hardly united front in the opposition to Mubarak, but he won't give much, only as much as he can to retain power and keep Egypt Inc. the way it has been for the past 30 year under the steel fist of Mubarak & co.
The US diplomatic cables show once more how Israel and Egypt worked cheek to jowl. The protests all across Egypt - not much discussed by the global mainstreet media - is rocking these pillars of cooperation. Things won't ever be the same again, even though they may be patched together with 'crazy glue'.
What is also missing in looking at what's happening in Egypt is that using the Tunisian 'revolution' as a measure, it took Tunisians a month to boot Ben Ali out of power. It may take longer in Egypt, and that worries the US as it does Israel. Time, for the moment, is not on their side.
Already Israel is moving: to buy off Palestinian unrest in the occupied territories, in spite of illegal seizure of land and building, it is pouring 'guilt money' to keep a very restive population quiet. Israel, armed to the teeth, is showing a fundamental weakness...which is working to its detriment, and it, too, will have to change.

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