Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Occupy Wall Street returns to Zuccotti Park

New York's mayor Michael Bloomberg may deny it: he and his praetorian guard the New York City Police have suffered a stinging setback.
In November in the first hours of the morning the police used stormtrooper tactics to evict OWS from Liberty Plaza or Zuccotti Park. The cleansing of the park clearly violated the law and raised constitutional issues such as freedom of assembly and speech.
With much satisfaction the billionaire mayor and his plutocratic friends on Wall Street smile and winked, for had they not crushed OWS? Wrong.
OWS did not take the ousting sitting down, even though cities throughout the land employed police in riot gear to shut down peace protest.
Now, Bloomberg and the police will have to think twice: the courts have ruled in favour of OWS to 'occupy' Zuccotti Park; thus, once again the very presence of protesters in Wall Street, an open indictment of the rule of finance capitalism which brought the world to the brink of economic ruin; the presence of OWS on Wall Street's very threshold will cause ill ease in the stock exchange and the boardroom of the big bracket banks and venture capital firms, because the call for economic justice and jobs will redound when they thought that the police had done their work for them. Wrong again, old darlings!
Now that the spot light is on Romney as a finance capitalist, the laser beam of searing disclosure will singe hot firms like Bain and McKinsey and the like. And although Romney & co. talk of the economy, they hardly mention jobs, and the record shows venture capitalists and the Wall Street financiers thrive on throwing people out of work.
So welcome back OWS to Wall Street!

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