Saturday, January 28, 2012

Israel's hand in American politics

GuamDiary has always contended that Israel was an internal American problem. In the last few weeks, two events underscore this assertion.son injected us$5 million into Newt Gingrich super PAC, which worked wonders to upset Mitt Romney's applecart in South Carolina, and a week later, Penny Adelson pumped $5 million more into that super PAC as Gingrich geared up to deny Romney the nod from Florida in his run for the Republican party's nomination for the presidency.
Now, a wag may point out that Gingrich and the casino owner Adelson know each other for a long time. No dispute there, but the money tap was turned on when 'historian' Newt boldly declared that there was no such thing as a Palestinian people. Translation, Israel has every right to occupy and extend its border to the Jordan river in what it calls 'Sumaria and Judea', but which is poaching on the legally recognised land of what would be a Palestinian state, no longer under the jackboot of Israel occupation for the last 45 years.
And then there's the 'Third Jihad' scandal rocking New York City's police department. 'Third Jihad' is a malicious piece of propaganda that was showing in loop fashion to high ranking police officers: funded by the Clarion Fund which is a front for the right wing Israeli organisation Aish Ha'Torah which favours illegal land grabs and illegal Jewish settlement in the West Bank, which it claims to be the God given land to the Jews as Sumaria and Judea. Raymond Kelly the chief of police actively cooperated in the making of film that claims that all American Muslims are a Fifth Column of potential, if not actual, terrorists.
This idea is in agreement with not only the New York police's policing of racial profiling Muslims but is an echo of what is happening among law enforcement across America.
GuamDiary has already blogged on the potentially disloyal behaviour of Eric Cantor, the House of Representative leader of the Republicans, who openly swore fealty to Israel's prime minister Netenyahu, and who arranged for him to speak to a joint session of Congress where he heaped scorn of president Obama's plan to bring a two state solution to the Israeli einian problem.
And then, there the Hebron Fund which already claims Hebron is already a part and parcel of the Zionist state, even though it is recognised as part of Palestinian although under 45 years of Israeli occupation. The US look the other way as the Fund raises money for an organisation which favours occupation and terrorism against Arabs. And yet whereas the US finds no pangs of heart at listening Muslim charitable organisations in the US as 'terrorists', it remains blind to Israeli organisations which are fundamentally terrorist.
As we say, Israel is an American problem, and potentially a headache and has always to pull Israel's chestnuts out of the fire diplomatically, politically, and, yes, militarily.

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