Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bain is Romney's bane

Willard Mitt Romney cannot escape his past, try as he might. His time at Bain Capital is his bane, a spoiler in his race for the Republican Party's candidate for president in 2012.
The former governor from Massachusetts is tone deaf in campaigning. He is ham fisted in dealing with people and thought in what he says. 'I like to fire people' is not a slogan in a campaign when the US is suffering from a high rate of unemployment. His offer of a 'us$10.000 bet' with fellow rival Rich Perry who has a long track record of selling Texas' public offices to private high rollers, signmatises Romney as an elitist and a unthinking member of the 'one percent' that 'Occupy Wall Street' has skillfully branded the very rich who buy politicians, the media, and pull the strings behind the scene, for their own greedy interests.
And yet, Romney goes merrily along, creating a scenario that is easily disproved by the facts. Obama infused American automakers with capital so that they wouldn't go bankrupt nor fail. Romney's dad ran American Motors Corporation and was a three term governor of Michigan, the home of the auto industry. And yet, his son preached the gospel of letting the American automakers fail. And he says, he's a businessman. No, he's a vulture capitalist who lives off the carrion of companies Bain bought, loaded with debt, sucked out high fees, and left to rot or perchance they survived, fend for themselves. So much for his acumen; he never ran a company; he advised and like Newt Gingrich left with his pocket filled for advice worth not very much.
Romney's record this there for all to see. It makes his deep pockets supporters queasy because finance capitalists like vampires do their worst in the dark and behind the scenes. The light of transparency, like Count Dracula fear of garlic or a crucifix, exposed them to public scrutiny, and like Dorothy's dog Toto pulling the green velvet curtain hiding the Wizard of Oz, it reveals that the game is up and the Wizard is a fraud using blue smoke and mirrors.
So, Mitt has to wear the bane of his tenure at Bain Capital like a Hester Prynne wore her Scarlet letter. He has little else to fall back on since he has lied or repudiated any position he espoused as governor or a moderate in his mad desire to become president.

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