Saturday, January 28, 2012

Israel itching to bomb Iran?

In the Sunday 29 January 'New York Times Magazine', veteran Israeli investigative reporter Ronen Bergman's 'Israel vs. Iran' is featured.
Bergman is no stranger when it comes to Iran and the Mossud. His 'Secret war with Iran' came out in an English translation in 2008, and is now available on the web for the lowly price of US$0,99 plus shipping fees.
You have to wonder whether Bergman's article saw it way into print through the good offices of a public relations firm. On one hand, it weightily tilts towards Israel attacking Iran in 2012 around the time the Republican and Democrat conventions meet, as a means to force the US, once more, to do Israel's bidding. Bergman is firmly convinced that the right wing Likud led government of 'Bibi' Netenyahu will attack Iran, and he ably supports his arguments through interviews of Ehud Barak, the Zionist's state defence minister and Moshe Ya'alon, vice prime minister and minister of strategic affairs; the views of these two men reflect perfectly the thinking of Netenyahu.
Israel has been banging pots and pans for bombing Iran more loudly and more often of late: its intelligence establishment sees the 'window of opportunity' narrowing fast before Tehran has developed a nuclear weapon. These 'wise' old men of the Israeli establishment see a striking parallel between Nassar's closing of the Straits of Tiran in 1967 and Ahmadinejad's threat to close the Straits of Hormuz. In 1967, Israel attacked, and in 2012, it may very well drag the US into war with Iran and setting off a firestorm of war that will threat the Zionist's state's own existence. Is Israel willing to use its nuclear arsenal? No one can rule that option out.
Baruch willingly talks of narrowing identity of views with Washington, but can we be so sure? The Obama administration is not in the mood for yet another war in west Asia after the mess it made in Iraq, yet the Israelis, come hell and high water, are intent in making the White House pull Israel's chestnuts out of the fire after it bombs Iran.
Yet, according to CIA estimates Iran is not developing nuclear weapons; the spy agency has often quoted its own findings. Bergman does give an opposing Israeli standpoint which bolsters the CIA reports by citing the former head of the Mossad as well as retired senior Israeli officers and cabinet holders. These 'realists' think that the 'impending' attack on Iran is shortsighted if not reckless since it would expose the Israeli civil population to heavy rocket attacks, to destruction of infrastructure, and in a curious way, to the devastation that Israeli 'tsahal' [defence forces] visited on Gaza during 'Operation Cast Lead' in December 2007.
And then there are the tactical problems which aerial warfare brings: noteworthy is that the long distance from Israeli bases to Iran requires refueling in air, thereby leaving the Zionist air force vulnerable to Irani aeroplanes. More, an Israeli 'manu militari' thrust would give the green light to Israel's hostile neighbours to attack it.
And yet, owing to the media blitz of Netenyahu & co., the Israelis live in growing and constant fear of rockets from Iran descending on their heads. And as such, the 'realist's' argument has lost more and more of an audience.
Bergman concludes that he does feel Israel will bomb Iraq. What he doesn't say: given the logistical difficulties the Zionist's military will have, it would surprise anyone were Netenyahu's hawkish government give the 'go ahead' to use Israel's atomic weapons.
Washington has grown more ill at ease at Israel's propaganda war. It dispatched the current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey to talk sense and turkey with Netenyahu & co. Obama is fingering his worry beads for the US can never be certain Israel will not carry out its aggression against Iraq and drag the US screaming and kicking into an unwinnable war that would guarantee the collapse of the US and European economies which remain after the 2008 global recession in the doldrums.
Israel, if we believe Bergman' is hellbent on self destruction and doesn't give a royal fart it it takes everyone down with it. The example of Samson comes to mind here.
And yet, can we trust the 'wisdom' of Ehud Barak and the other other hawks--Netenyahu and Ya'alon? It is important to point out that Barak sent Israel into Lebanon, and that invasion forced the Zionist state to retreat with its tail between its legs. There is little reason to give a failed prime minister and general a reasonable doubt. There is more to fear from the warmongering they preach and the willingness to send young men and women to death and in a holocaust of their own making destroy the state of Israel

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