Thursday, January 19, 2012

Israel's attack on Iran is not for tomorrow?

Knuckling under pressure from Washington and other capitols, mainly in Europe, Israel is running around trying to mend fences: it is not going to bomb Tehran's nuclear facilities today or tomorrow maybe the day after, we cannot say for sure.
Instead, bully Israel is bombing Gaza, the home of Hamas, a weaker target which can and does play its cards well since the Zionist state, despite a preemptive war 'Cast Lead', assassination squads, and the killing and maiming of civilians in Gaza, trumps successive Israeli governments by not only surviving but growing support abroad.
Israel's ability to construct the narrative of the 44 year occupation of Palestinian lands and history and aspirations has shown wide cracks: two examples will suffice--UNESCO granting full membership to the state of Palestine even though it is occupied, and the attendance of a Hamas official at a recent meeting, in Switzerland, of the International Parliamentary Union.
Even though officially the Zionist state is denying that it is going to bomb Iran, Israel will continue the use of assassination squads to kill Irani nuclear scientists through Pakistani Sunni proxies, or under the cover of fake American passports, will use Mossad agents for black tasks implicating its ally the US who may very well be unaware of what its 'perfidious' ally is doing in its name. So vigilance is much called for and calling Israel to account for its illegal actions a must.

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