Monday, May 23, 2011

We're prepared to be generous...., says Netenyahu

Israeli premier 'Bib' Netenyahu is prepared to be 'generous' to the Palestinians only if they jump through the Zionist hoop. As an indication of his generosity in engaging further on the road map to a two state solution, he has given the green light for more [illegal] settlements on the occupied West Bank.
Netenyahu is a snake oil salesman who sells big. The bigger the falsehood the more able he is to get away with robbing the Palestinians of their own birthright and land on the West Bank.
A quick study of the Zionist's state 'generosity' will strip bare the falsity of its claims and expose its calculation violation of the truth. Israel's occupation and illegal land grabbing of land of Palestinians puts it squarely in the mould of colonial settlements of a Europe of the last century.
Although Sartre is hardly read today, it is a useful exercise to read his preface to Franz Fanon's 'les damnes de la terre' [Wretched of the Earth]. Why? one may asks. For its spot on description of the coloniser's attempt to dehumanise the colonised, and yet in spite of stealing land, humiliations, betrayals, and the like, Israel like France in Algeria could not and cannot douse the Palestinians' innate desire and quest of throwing off the occupier's yoke and claiming their place in the sun of nations.
The Zionist state under Netenyahu's leadership is bereft of ceding anything to the Palestinians short of Apartheid South African 'Bantustans', and disconnected dots on a map 'dubbed' Palestine, with total and complete dependency on Israel's largesse.
Forty three years of occupation are proof enough of Israel's duplicity and generosity.
Netenyahu has set Israel's course of incorporation through illegal land grabs and settlers of the West Bank into a Greater Israel, by claiming Palestinian land on hoary biblical claims that it was once the Hebrews' Sumaria and Judea. In this, he is faithful to his ideological upbringing as a Revisionist Zionist. [GuamDiary has suggested following the dots of 'ordinary' Zionism and Revisionist Zionism', which in one way or another, lead to the same goal: an Israel from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River. However, 'ordinary Zionism' would settle for half a loaf, a state along side a Palestine with 1967 defensible borders'.]
So in the end, Netenyahu is an enemy of any peace progress. Furthermore, the record shows he has done his most ingenious best to kill it.

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