Sunday, May 1, 2011

Egypt claims its traditional role in the Arab world

In the aftermath of the overthrow of Mohammed Hosni Mubarak, the military hanger ons who are transitioning Egypt to a 'brighter' future, has begun discarding the old chains of foreign policy that have weakened Egypt's traditional, and perhaps guiding, role in the Arab world: Cairo has brokered a peace between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, thereby healing a five year old breach; with that, it has recognised Hamas in Gaza, which Muburak had collaborated with Israel to not only isolated but destory; and it has renewed ties with a traditional rival Iran.
These three steps burnish Egypt's amorial bearings in the Middle East. Nonetheless, they have given Israel's right wing Likud led government of 'Bibi' Netenyahu a giant migraine headache. Suddenly, the Zionist state is thrown off its stride of 'bully' and now is girding its loins for more setbacks. One anticipated setback is going to be the 'de facto' if not 'de jure' of Palestine on land which the Israeli occupied as booty of the 1967 six day war and has steadfastly illegally peopled with settlers and proclaimed ownership based on a hoary interpretation of the Bible. A Palestine recognised by the world community immediately challenges Israeli colonisation and theft of another people's land; it raises the

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