Monday, May 16, 2011

Israel get a jolt! The Naqba won't be forgotten

Pictures on the front pages of world newspapers of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and Syria jumping fences to enter Israel on Israel's 63 anniversary [to the Palestinians this represents the Naqba' the day of cataclysm on equal footing with Titus expulsion of the Jews], has to be a wake up call for the Likud led government that its policy to illegally grab Palestinian territory through settlements is doomed for failure. Netenyahu the prime minister has stalled too long for anything but a diplomatic defeat for the Zionist state in the up coming UN General Assembly which will formally recognise Palestine as a state. The US cannot do much about that unless Obama forces Netenyahu to cry Uncle! That seems unlikely.
Does not Israel see Palestinian refugees throwing bodies of theirs over barbed wired fences or the tightly controlled Palestinians under 44 years of Israel occupation of the West Bank who rose up in peaceful protest, an echo of the the Holocaust survivors braving the British occupation of Palestine?
Time is running out for the Zionist state and its leadership is absent of any ideas but stealing land.

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