Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kissinger on China

Age, it seems, has not slowed Alfred Heinz Kissinger -- better known as Henry Kissinger. As he approaches is 88 birthday, a new book of his is out on the market: 'On China'.
Kissinger has a long association with the 'Middle Country', ever since he brokered the terms for Richard Nixon's trip to China in 1972.
Methodologically speaking, the book is modelled on Kissinger's previously published musings on diplomacy and power. Today he has become a much respected avuncular figure who like a leaking faucet spouts pearls of hoary wisdom.
Kissinger on China is not a kiss and tell account. It is a clever weave of history and the banal and portraits of the movers and shakers of the Communist Party of China.
'Uncle' Henry has always kept in the shadows that Kissinger Associates represents the interests of the Chinese government, a client that pays well for influence in America's political and economic structure. With this in mind, in reading the 586 page book on China, it should never escape our attention that the former secretary of state and nobel prize winner, has his eye on presenting himself and his 'wisdom' in the best possible light, so that he does not come off as a vulgar hack hustling for crumbs from the table of the powerful.

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