Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Read your Freud! Netenyahu and the US chattering class

The US Congress is an audience easily pleased: it greeted Israel's prime minister 'Bibi' Netenyahu's address with great explosions of cheerful approval, as though the members of Congress were studying the Talmud at a Yeshina, twisting and turning over ancient lore and millenia old wisdom. He clearly etched more deeply in stone his position: no concessions, no negotiations, for the illegal land grab of Palestinian West Bank land and Arab East Jerusalem and the implantation of settlers are by right Israel's right to the biblical lands of Judea and Samaria, and by thunder, the Zionist state stand firm and won't give up a millemetre of their hoary claims. Netenyahu's speech gave nothing and promised even less.
The US clattering class went into its cheerleading overdrive in praise of Netenyahu. Clearly by a wide margin, they firmly disapprove of president Obama introduction of the 1967 borders into the peace process, a gambit which, like it or not, upset Israel's and pro Israel America's apple cart.
On the much watched PBS [Public Broadcasting System] Charlie Rose Show, four Israel boosters praised the American president for talking the talk with Arabs, but thought his speech on the 1967 borders a big faux pas, to say the least. Representing 'Haaretz','the Wall Street Journal', 'the Atlantic' and 'New America Foundation', you couldn't find a critic of Israel's intransigence nor its stealing of Palestinian land in the West Bank and Arab East Jerusalem. In brief, they were of the opinion, let sleeping dogs lie.
GuamDiary says to Netenyahu and members of the US chattering class: read your Freud. The eminent Viennese father of modern psychology opined that as in personal life, in politics the repressed tends to return to consciousness with a vengeance. And that is precisely what bringing back into the conversation the 1967 borders does.
Say what he might, Netenyahu has no wiggle room. These borders include all the West Bank, Gaza, and Arab East Jerusalem, and it is upon that basis Israel will have to deal with the Palestinians. If the Palestinians in negotiation want to modify their rightful boundaries then it is up to them, not to the Israelis, to do so, simply stated.
What is repressed among the US chatters is the blind spot which does not see that perhaps the American public would like to hear Palestinians reaction to Netenyahu's speech before the US Congress. Like Netenyahu, they see Palestinians as a lesser race to whom orders are given and who best keep a civil tongue in their head. Shades of colonial rule!
Of course, the chattering class did not correct Netenyahu's misrepresentations: two will suffice: one, Israel will be dwarfed by the 1967 borders unable to support its population. Wrong. Israel is four times larger than any Palestinian state on the West Bank and can support the 500.000 illegal settlers on the West Bank. But the real truth is that Israel is after the water under Palestinian real estate! Two, the appeal to rightful settlement in Palestinian which he calls Judea and Samaria is a plank of the Revisionist Zionist belief in a greater Israel stretching from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River.
Continual flaunting of the real issues won't save Israel nor the Israeli centric US mindset from its irrelevance and ultimate place on the dust bin of history.

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