Monday, November 29, 2010

Wikileaks lift the veil on US North Korea policy

The first batch of US diplomatic cables which Wikileaks are releasing over the next fortnight, lifts the veil on US North Korea policy.
It simply confirms what GuamDiary has long suspected through its parsing of the world press: the US has forsaken diplomacy for displays of brute force and covert action.
American administrations - Republican or Democrat - have embraced sabre rattling and muscular military display, based on the shaky analysis that North Korea will sooner or later implode. In this illusion, they are willinglly joined in the pursuit of this mad passion by South Korea's Lee Myung bek.
The on going joint military exercises along the NLL [Northern Line Limit] bear this out.
The Obama administration's cool reception of China's call for an emergency meeting on rising tensions on the divided Korean peninsula confirm its intentions. Beijing is not playing the role Washington wants: to sit firmly on Kim Jong il.
Curiously enough in the Wikileaks data, we see how little in touch with geopolitical realities the US is when it dazzles before China's eye the vision of a non aggressive united Korea on its borders - a unified and united Korea under regressive forces in Seoul and Washington.
Predicated on the implosion more or less in the current future, the US' North Korean clericy have stood history on its head.
GuamDiary finds no hint that the US is wanting or desiring a peace treaty which would end the Korean War now frozen by a 1953 Armistice. Nor does GuamDiary detect that American analyses have feet planted firmly in reality. Let's suppose for a moment, the clerisy do. They dare not break the ranks of hoary consensus without risking loss of funding and becoming a political outcast from the circles of influence and power.
GuamDiary suggests reading again a CIA analyst's Rand study published in 1960: Robert Whiting's 'China crosses the Yalu'. Whiting clearly documents the reasons that Chinese volunteers entered the war. Combined with revivified North Korean forces, they steamrolled a US led UN army back to the 38 parallel which effectively stalemated America's Cold War objective of overthrowing the Communist regime in North Korea.
American administrations thought by using China as its 'honest broker foil', Beijing could make North Korea dance to the US' tune. Wrong!
China's analyses do not foresee that the US nor South Korea have peaceful intentions in restoring peace on the Korean peninsula. To Beijing, based on history, the existence of North Korea guarantees safer borders and a stability that neither Washington nor Seoul can guarantee.
The US has no intentions of ending the Korean War and for that simple and plain truth, its policy towards North Korea is doomed to failure.

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