Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Remorseless: George W Bush's 'decisions'

The publication of George W. Bush's 'apologia pro sua vita' entitled 'Decisions' is out in print.
On the television and in print interviews, he is the same lippy, cocky, insecure, indadequatr individual as he was as president of the US.
He has no regrets. His tone is playful; it rings false with mock humility. He is, when all is said and done, a spoilt, rich kid with all the advantage without the benefit of psychological spine.
Bush thinks history will judge him kindly. Iraq was no mistake. Torture, no mistake. Katrina, no mistake. And this laundry list of blameless goes on and on.
Apparently Bush has little or no remorse. His utter cynicism has an echo from Edward Arlington Robinson's 'Tristram'--'There are mistakes too monstrous for remorse'.

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