Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mme Clinton crawls on hands and knees to Jerusalem

Once again the 'audacity' of Barack Obama to pursue a two state solution to the intractable Israeli Palestine question has led to his secretary of state to cave into to right wing Likud prime minister 'Bibi' Netenyahu's hard line demands.
After seven hours of closeted and 'tough' talks, Netenyahu might consider a 90 day halt on illegal building in the Palestinian occupied territory, but not in Arab East Jerusalem which the Palestinians consider their capitol.
As usual the Obama administration 'compromised' its own integrity bt grabbing a tiger by the tail in pursuit of a policy that is going nowhere but to further Israel's illegal land grab so that the biblical land of Judea and Sumaria [Translation: the Palestinian West Bank occupied 'manu militari' by Israel since June 1967] are incorporated into 'greater Israel'.
And what else is the price the US is willing to pay to get Netenyahu back to exploratory talks with the Palestinian Authority? Mme Clinton stuck to the decades old position of the US to vote against any resolution condeming Israel before the United Nations. And, of course, to guarantee Israel's borders, but no such guarantee exists for Palestinians! But how can it with such isolated and surrounded patches of land created by Israeli aggressive, methodical, and planned illegal seizure of Palestinian territory?]
Let's recall these salient points: the US provides annually Israel with billions of
taxpayer dollars in military and economic aid--repayment of which Washington does not expect. It allows Zionist organisations in the US to solicit funds which is against American law. It hardly blanches at Israel's sinking its ships nor if it engages in military, political, and industrial espionage.
Once again, the US has refused to play its strong suit. Obama lacks the anger of a Dwight Eisenhower during the Suez Crisis [1956] nor the 'realpolitik' of George WH Bush in forcing former terrorist and then prime minister Itzhak Shamir to meet in Madrid with Arab states including the Palestine Liberation Front [1991].
Mr. Obama has the financial and military means to make Israel dance to its jig on a two states solution.
Israel is a client state of the US. Without unconditional US support since its creation in 1948, Israel could not have kept its nose above the water as a viable state.
Consequently, like a beggar Mr. Obama comes to the Israeli table seeking crumbs. His timidity and lack of spine guarantees that Israel will never allow a viable Palestinian state see the day.
As such, Israel is sowing the seeds of reenforcing its condition as a pariah and apartheid state. Israel has forced the PA's hand. With complete support of the Arab and the broader Muslim world, it will sue the UN General Assembly for global recognition 'de jure' of a Palestinian state.
The US cannot bribe nor browbeat the 183 members of the General Assembly to defeat such a move. Let's not miss the salient point: the US has no veto power there. And sooner than later, a Palestinian state will be born no matter how much Israel like Rumplestilskin can stomp its atrophied foot.
When all is said and done, Mme Clinton's surrender is yet another stone in the tomb of America's decline in world power. Mr Obama is a prisoner of his own lack of wisdom.

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